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Visit Idaho “Behind the Scenes with Idaho Executive Chefs”

Chef Kris Ott is the Executive Chef for Fork and ALAVITA in the heart of downtown Boise. He received his training just outside of what some would consider the food capital of the world – Paris, France. Prior to working in Boise, Chef Ott prepared five-star meals at Oliveto under renowned chef, Paul Bertolli, who was the recipient of the James Beard Award. Chef Ott now resides in Boise and works at both Fork and ALAVITA – both have outstanding reputations in the local community. Chef Ott holds high standards for quality of food, and places a stern focus on local, sustainably-sourced ingredients in both locations.

Chef Ott also ran the culinary show for the Oakland Yacht Club, where he infused his Italian training into every dish he prepared. He specializes in butchery and meats, and has an acute eye for preparing mouth-watering fresh fish. He describes fish as the perfect meal as they are delicate, beautiful in nature, and no two are the same. He has surely mastered the craft of cooking out-of-this-world trout, as anyone who has been to Fork can attest.

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