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Choose from Idaho Koenig Potato Vodka, Boise’s Revolution Vodka, Glasier 45 Distillery pepper vodka or Bakon Vodka and choice of bacon or regular salt rim…you build the rest!

Prosecco bottle with orange, cranberry & grapefruit carafes, served at your table.

Add house-made chicken sausage gravy 5

Add two local eggs 3

Warm butterscotch sauce and cream cheese frosting (until they are gone…)

Crispy bacon, house-pickled radish, Ohana micro greens, black pepper & Meyer lemon oil mist on Gaston’s country bread

3 local eggs, poblano peppers, red peppers, onions, local ham, topped with local Ballard Family Farms cheddar cheese & served with brunch bravas.

Soft scramble eggs, Dungeness crab, fines herbs, crème fraiche, brunch braves, avocado & Gaston’s country bread


Northwest ham, Gaston’s English muffin with Chef ’s Benny sauce & brunch bravas

add avocado – 2
cold smoked Alaskan salmon  – 4

Braised New Mexican red chili pork, pinto beans, brunch braves, two over easy eggs, Boise Fresca corn tortillas & cotija cheese

Peppers, onion, herbs, brunch bravas & two local eggs your way

Make it a burrito +2

Pan seared Hagerman trout, arugula, poached eggs, polenta cake & Cajun butter sauce

Orange-local honey butter & summer seasonal wild berry-maple syrup …until they are gone.

3 local market farm fresh eggs with house-spiced maple bacon, avocado, mozzarella, pesto, tomato. Brunch bravas & choice of Zeppole toast with local jam

Fresh & Local

2 slices of Gaston’s thick cut brioche dipped in custard with house-made wild berry syrup & whipped cream

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