fork frok

An addictive house favorite, with ranch dipper

Fried then glazed with spicy gochujang & topped with scallions and cilantro

Sriracha mayo, cotija cheese, pickled red onions, chili powder & fresh lime

Sautéed wild mushrooms, ancho chili cream  sauce, crispy polenta cake & parmesan 

Ballard Family white cheddar, parmesan & gruyère on garlic glazed Zeppole sourdough

White wine, garlic, shallots, butter, herbs & garlic basted grilled local sourdough

Green chimichurri sauce

Boise Fresca mini white corn tortillas topped with Chef ’s daily creation, cotija cheese, cilantro, red onion & side of house-made fire roasted salsa

Add fresh sliced avocado – 2

Your server will inform you of today’s creation

Boise Chopped Salad…arugula-spring mix, house-smoked king salmon, Ballard Family white cheddar, dried sweet corn, balsamic tomatoes, pepitas, pearl couscous & dried black currants with our buttermilk basil-pesto dressing

Sub protein for no charge: crispy chicken, roasted chicken, spiced maple bacon or grilled king salmon

Add fresh sliced avocado – 2

Spring mix, cherry tomatoes, red onion, dried sweet corn, roasted red bell pepper, Boise Fresca crisped tortilla strips, Ballard Family white cheddar, chipotle BBQ sauce & ranch

Arugula, house-pickled carrot-daikon-cucumber-serrano peppers, wasabi infused avocado crème & black sesame seeds

Arugula, pickled red onions, candied walnuts & lemon-mint vinaigrette

Organic Spring mix, sliced cucumber, tomato, red onion, Ballard Family Farms white cheddar & choice of house-made dressing

Add to any of the above salads:

Spiced Maple Bacon  2
Fresh Sliced Avocado 2
Grilled or Crispy Chicken  4
House-Smoked King Salmon  6
Grilled Shrimp (5)  8
Grilled King Salmon (4oz) 7

House-made dressing options:
Buttermilk Basil-Pesto, Ranch, Lemon-Mint Vinaigrette & Bleu Cheese

Our custom chuck & brisket beef blend ‘dragged through the garden’ with Fork sauce on toasted ACME Bakery bun. Served with rosemary-parmesan Idaho fries.

Add Spiced Maple Bacon 2
Ballard Family White Cheddar 2
Add fresh sliced avocado 2

Crunchy chipotle slaw, pickled red onions, pickles and melted Ballard Family white cheddar on toasted ACME Bakery bun

Double cut maple-spiced bacon, avocado, fresh mozzarella, tomato & basil pesto on grilled Zeppole sourdough…BAM!

Rotisserie roasted pork loin, slow roasted pulled pork carnitas, Ballard Family Swiss cheese & pickles with Chef’s ‘mad mustard’ sauce hot pressed in a Gaston’s panini bread

Buffalo sauce, house pickles, iceberg& ranch on toasted ACME Bakery bun

Ballard Family white cheddar, country ham, caramelized onions & house-made smoked bacon-tomato jam on griddled Zeppole sourdough

Substitute tomato-basil soup for chips 3

Sammys are served with natural cut chili-lime seasoned chips.
Spruce up your sammy by adding a local egg, avocado or maple-spiced applewood smoked bacon − 2 each
Substitute any bun or bread for Gluten Free Galaxy bun − 2

chili-lime seasoning & Fork sauce

Fork sauce

Boise’s Ferranti Fresh ravioli pillows lightly tossed in butter, topped with grated parmesan, crispy leeks & toasted cashews

Add roasted sliced chicken  4

Sweet potato, black beans, green chili, onion, Feta, salsa verde & chèvre crema

Add roasted sliced chicken 4
Add fresh sliced avocado 2

Herbed farro, topped with summer citrus

Substitute grilled asparagus for farro 4

Sugar snap peas, salmon fume & topped with fennel-red onion salad

1/2 Regal Crest organic chicken house-brined then slow roasted. Served over brown butter mashed potatoes, roasted baby carrots, Huli Huli pan sauce

Substitute grilled asparagus for mashed potatoes 4

Grilled New York strip steak, pan seared diver scallops, brown butter mashed potatoes, seasonal market succotash & chimichurri aioli

Flame grilled 8oz Certified Angus Beef tenderloin served over brown butter mashed Idaho potatoes, roasted beet demi-glace & chives

Add grilled asparagus 6

Fork tender Northwest beef, demi roasted rainbow beets, green chimichurri sauce & house-pickled veggies

Substitute grilled asparagus or brown butter mashed potatoes for roasted beets  4

Topped with chopped smoked peanuts

Served with green beans & house-made cornbread muffin with orange-honey butter

Offered Monday evenings starting at 5pm… until they are gone

Balsamic infused maple syrup & local Ahaus honey-orange infused butter

Offered Tuesday evenings starting at 5pm…until they are gone

14oz Northwest Certified Angus Beef, house au jus, creamy horseradish & choice of brown butter Idaho mashed potatoes OR rosemary-parmesan Idaho fries

Offered Friday & Saturday evenings starting at 5pm…until they are gone

A local favorite served with local bread

We do it for the kids

Served with ranch dipper sauce

Ballard Family Farms white cheddar & pickles

Our age ol’ recipe topped with local Cloverleaf vanilla ice cream, fresh fruit & Oregon berry coulis

Bread pudding with local Cloverleaf ice cream…enough said

Boise’s Amaru Bakery gluten free chocolate brownie, choice of Cloverleaf ice cream, house-made salted caramel, whipped cream & City Peanut Shop’s spicy pecans

Choice of cowboy crunch, huckleberry, chocolate or vanilla

We proudly brew each cup of our Fork custom blend coffee from Boise’s own Dawson Taylor Coffee Roasters to order. Available in Regular or Decaf. Includes one free refill.

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