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The Ultimate Boise Food Guide – the Best Boise Restaurants for Every Occasion

By Lo,

Last year, Vogue reported that Boise was on the brink of a culinary revolution. Primed to be the next Seattle or Portland, Idaho’s capital is the more neighborhoody, small-town version of your favorite trendy western destinations. Often referred to as Denver 10-years ago or Oregon before the hipster revolution, while they are notable comparisons and some similarities, Boise is ready to stand into the spotlight all on its own with a culinary scene to match. Boise food is fresh, tasty, and innovative and hungry young chefs are primed to take their homegrown farm-to-table cuisine to the next level.

It’s time to show that the state’s depth and creativity that extends far beyond the state’s beloved potato. And just to prove it, I ate at almost every restaurant in Boise. Here’s everywhere to savor in edible Idaho for every type of palate pleaser. And yes, you can have fries with that.

For the Best Lunch in Town – Fork

If you’re wondering what the most Googled restaurant in Boise is, without a doubt its Fork. Committed to serving local cuisine, the menu showcases Idaho farmers, ranchers, bakers, and producers in all their glory.


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